Trinity School of John Whitgift

The Trinity Mid-Whitgiftian Association is for the staff and old boys of Trinity School of John Whitgift, usually referred to simply as Trinity School, Croydon. The school was known as Whitgift Middle School until 1956, hence the unusual name of the Association. Today the school has some 900 boys and roughly 60 girls in the sixth form, the vast majority of whom go on to higher education of some sort. The school is owned by the Whitgift Foundation (see below).


Whitgift Middle School as it was in North End Croydon, on the site of what is now the Whitgift Centre.

Visit the Trinity School site for more details. Visit the Croydon site for details of our home town.


The Whitgift Foundation

The Whitgift Foundation is a charity founded by John Whitgift, Archbishop of Canterbury, in 1596. The Foundation now runs three schools in Croydon (Trinity School, Whitgift School and Old Palace School for Girls). At the other end of the age range, the Foundation also runs two homes for older people. The Whitgift Almshouses (right) houses some 20 residents of Croydon in historic (but modernised!) sheltered accommodation, in the very centre of Croydon. Whitgift House, in the grounds of Whitgift School in South Croydon, provides three types of accommodation - sheltered, very sheltered and hospital.  


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