"The Trinity Mid-Whitgiftian"

Ever since 1913, with occasional lapses, the Association has published its own magazine. At present this appears twice each year. The most recent issue was published in Summer 2016.

The Summer 2016 edition was distributed in September! For the first time, the magazine was published as E-book, with hard copy for those not on the web or particularly need a printed version. The E-version has the benefit of being a lot cheaper in terms of production and postage, and will also give us the chance to include more added value as we get braver!

Contributions for future editions should be sent to the Editor, Alan Merricks, (01883 730708, or editor@tmwa.org.uk) or by writing to the Clubhouse, Lime Meadow Avenue, Sanderstead, Surrey, CR2 9AS.

To supplement the magazine, an E-letter is distributed to everybody with a known e-mail address, on a three monthly cycle. If you aren't receiving this, please e-mail the membership secretary at membership@tmwa.org.uk and ask him to put you on the list.
Contributions and photographs are always welcomed, although members will recognise that the editor has to strike a balance between current affairs and nostalgic reminiscences, and so can't publish everything he receives. Contributions should be sent to him via E-Mail, or to The Editor, TMWA Clubhouse, Lime Meadow Avenue, Sanderstead, Surrey.