History of the TMWA

The Old Mid-Whitgiftian Asociation (OMWA) was formed in 1908 at the prompting of the Headmaster of the day, the Rev. G. A. Jones. Previously there had been a dinner club. The cricket club was also started in 1908. The association was formed to continue friendships started at school, to promote sporting activities and to act for the mutual benefit of former pupils and school staff.

The Association has developed considerably in its 100-odd years, but still pursues its original aims.

On the sporting side, only the cricket club has survived for the entire life of the Association. In 105 years we have enjoyed the facilities of a soccer club, tennis club, athletics, motoring and rambling - all sections which have had their glory days but are now just happy memories. In 2014 we support rugby, cricket, hockey, squash, football, and golf, and there is also a very active amateur dramatic section, the Mitre Players.

For members who are unable to enjoy the sporting life, because they live too far away, or whose sporting days are behind them, or who have always been too sensible to be obsessed with chasing balls of various sizes the Association acts as a conduit for news about the school and the membership, principally via the mechanism of a regular newsletter, this web-site and a bi-annual magazine.

Strong links have always been maintained with the alma mater, Trinity School of John Whitgift, located since 1965 at Shirley Park on the outskirts of Croydon.

In 2009, some 50 years after the school changed its name to Trinity School of John Whitgift, (Trinity School, Croydon for short), the Association changed its name to Trinity Mid-Whitgiftian Association Ltd (TMWA). In one stroke, the name changed to reflect the modern identity of the school, to remember our heritage, and to reduce the stress on the 'Old', as every club has an active junior section. As the Headmaster pointed out, it also conveniently removed 'Boys' from the name, just as the school was announcing its plans to go co-ed in the 6th Form from September 2011. In 2013 the first set of Trinity girls left school, almost all of them going off to further education.