Organisation of TMWA

The Association is managed by an elected Council, which has three sub-committees: General, Ground and Trading. The General Committee deals with all aspects which are not directly concerned with the clubhouse and sports facilities. Ground Committee is responsible for the pitches and other grounds and the structure and fabric of the clubhouse. The Trading Committee manages the bar, caterings and deals with all matters concerning bookings of the clubhouse. The sports clubs and the Mitre Players each have their own managing committee, and their chairmen also sit on Council.

The table below lists the committee chairmen and some other posts, with their telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.

Council Current Job Holder E-Mail Telephone
Chairman of Council Andy Thompson  
Association Secretary John Parish 01883 344962
Association Treasurer Trevor Rowlan 020 8657 3618
General Cttee Chairman Geoff Wilsher 020 8657 3795
Ground Cttee Chairman Nick Trend 07979 421677
Trading Cttee Chairman Alan Bishop 01883 343923

General Committee

Editor Alan Merricks 01883 730708
Membership Secretary Geoff Wilsher 020 8657 3795
400 Club Secretary Trevor Stotten 020 8657 6732
Founders Day Supper Alex Greenslade & Warwick Jones  

Other Roles

Bookings Secretary (Clubhouse) Anna Warnock  07582 910094
Bookings Secretary (Ground) Nick Trend 07979 421677

You may contact any member of the Association by e-mailing to 'that name' e.g. will be re-routed to the web master, who will do his best to forward it to the member concerned. If the address is not known, it will be returned to the sender.